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Tintex Popular Answers: 

  1. Tintex Info: get Tintex FAQ's, detailed dyeing techniques and SDS info. Tintex is a hot water direct dye for most washable fabrics and is NOT for 100% polyester or 100% acrylic. Fabric blends can be dyed if 65% or more of the fabric is made of suitable material.
  2. Make New Colours: Use the 'Dye Colour Guide' to mix new formulas and create more colours using core Tintex dyes. The same dye makes pastels or deeper/brighter intensities when the amount used is adjusted.
  3. Prepare Fabric: Colour Remover lightens fabric before dyeing a dark-coloured fabric a different 'lighter' colour. The existing fabric colour will effect your dyeing results if it isn't already off-white or cream.  

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