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Make Pantone's 'Ultra Violet'

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Inspired by the mysteries of the cosmos and mindfulness Pantone has named Ultra Violet a deep purple as 2018's 'colour of the year'. You can add more purple into your life with Tintex Purple, or use a combination of Scarlet or Cardinal Red with Midnight, Royal or Navy Blue to make a custom colour...Read more

Ultra Violet Swatch

Holiday Crafts and Decorations

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How would you like to add a pop of bold red to holiday gift tags & more? The most traditional Christmas combination is more


Dyed Red Holiday Garland

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This fun fabric dye craft is suitable for beginners. See how white or light paper decorations change into something much festive. This is a great Christmas tree decoration DIY project, but you can easily change the colours for different holidays, events or parties...Read more

Dyed Red Garland



Spray Dyeing

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Get a custom abstract dyeing result using a squeeze or spray bottle. Get creative and use the colours that speak to you. This is a great way to use up extra dye and is a family friendly DIY project...Read more

Spray Swirl Abstract DIY


Halloween Candy Corn Tank Top

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One of the easiest Halloween projects is a simple candy corn coloured tie dye. You only need to use yellow & orange dye and the result is cute wearable candy corn...Read more

Candy Corn Tie Dye Tank Top

Thanksgiving Tablescape Dyeing Project

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Thanksgiving is always the start of the holiday season, so use these easy home decor dyeing & styling ideas to create a festive atmosphere for family and friends.  

Fall colours are warm and rich or bright and cheery, they always look festive used in a holiday table setting. There are so many ways to customize the perfect tablescape using: napkins, placemats, tablecloths, fabric runners or even dyed-cord coasters. The easiest DIY ever is to do a...Read more

Dyed fabric napkins  Thanksgiving Tablescape

Dyed Red, White and Blue Glasses

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You can use fabric dye for fun projects like dyeing your polycarbonate lenses. We made these colourful glasses with extra dye that are perfect for an Independence Day party...Read more

Dyed Glasses

Canada Day Dip Dye Shorts

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All you need to dip dye or tie dye your plain white cotton shorts to be ready for Canada Day is white fabric & scarlet or cardinal red fabric dye...Read more

Dip Dyed Canada Day Shorts

Tintex is Available at Dollarama Stores

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We are pleased to announce that Tintex will be available with new packaging at selected Canadian Dollarama stores...Read more

Tintex Boxes

Make Burgundy Tintex

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Describing how you want your colour to look like can help you know what dyes to use in your new colour formula recipe. Laurie wanted to now how to make burgundy or wine-red using Tintex...Read more

Burgundy Swatch

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