New 32g Products Available at Dollar Tree

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If you like to dye, you are familiar with the standard 55g box of Tintex products, but we also have a smaller size available. One 32g package will dye 3 T-shirts and two packages will dye a pair of pants (use double the usual amount for darker or brighter colours). 

We are happy to announce that you can now get the new compact 32g size of Tintex at Canadian Dollar Tree stores. Now popular Tintex colours like: royal blue, dark brown, scarlet red, brilliant yellow, black and Whitex Wonder Witener are at retail in 32g packages.

Previously, the 32g size was only available in an online-exclusive assorted sample 24-pack. Visit the closest Dollar Tree store to see the new assortment of Tintex products. Often fabric dye may be located in the laundry or craft sections of stores.

32g Tintex Products

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  1. Tintex Fabric Dye June 08, 2016

    Hi Nadine,

    Our products are available in 32g boxes (at our online store and at Dollar Tree), 55g boxes (at Canadian stores and online) and 10-pound pails (only through our online shop). You can the size that appeals to you.

    To make the fabric lighter, you could try using Colour Remover. After the fabric is lightened and/or the tea stain is removed you could use Whitex Wonder Whitener (optical brighteners make white fabric appear bright without bleach). In general the amount of product needed varies by weight. Results may vary on your fabric, so if your lace isn’t white enough you could overdye another colour using Tintex Fabric Dye. It is ideal to know the fabric content if you later decide to dye your lace another colour. Tintex dyes are not suitable for 100% polyester fabric (blends are dyeable).

    Tintex Colour Remover does not damage fabric and that is the main advantage over bleach (and other types of fabric lighteners). Due to the delicate nature of your lace, this project would be ideally done by a manual/hand method like the stove top technique. Depending on curtain size, a pot (or another larger container/vessel) could be used.

    Tintex Fabric Dye

  2. Nadine June 04, 2016

    I inherited my Grandmother’s beautiful lace drapes. Oddly enough, she used to dye them with Earl Grey tea. She would soak them overnight to give them a yellowish colour…..YUCK! I washed them twice in warm to cold on delicate and the stain is still there. Should I dye them white? use color remover or use the Whitex Wonder White? Your old boxes were 55 g….are you only selling them in 32 g now? How can that be enough for a full washing machine?