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Pink Bulk Fabric Dye Available

One of the most asked questions that we have been sent is about how to make pink. It has always been possible to mix your own custom pink dye using a small amount of Scarlet or Cardinal Red (the dye colour guide has more information about mixing new dye colours).

Anyone who loves pink will appreciate having an already mixed fabric dye on hand for their projects. Our pink dye is available at selected Dollarama (in new colourful 50g packages). At this time we do not offer the new colourful packaging online, because our dye shop stocks the classic packaging.

If you do not live near a Dollarama, you can now purchase our pink fabric dye bulk exclusively form our store. 

Bulk Pink Fabric Dye

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  1. Jen April 11, 2018

    It is great that pink is available at your store. Would love to have the newer boxes too but this is a good start.